Wednesday, 3 November 2010

More work on the website, and thoughts on Past Life Regression!

Those of you reading this might notice that it is approaching 5am here in the UK... and I have been up most of the night working on the website again. With a very busy weekend ahead of me (including my birthday!) hosting the very talented Valentino King at Twist Club, Rochdale amongst other things, I doubt if I will have much more time to work on the website before next week... but who knows?

I am also hoping to recieve my final qualifications as a hypnotherapist within the next week or so... the culmination of plenty of studying for my Certificate in Complete Mind Therapy (CMT). This fantastic method of treatment, developed by my mentor Dr Jonathan Royle, is ideal for weight loss, treatment of phobias and smoking cessation etc, and will be used along side the other methods of treatment already under my belt and being used successfully time and time again.

So, the website is almost complete (bar the tidying up by a pro who actually knows what they are doing!), the CMT Paperwork is due in very soon and it's my birthday on Friday (and I'm working!). Looking at all these achievements (and when you reach my age, another birthday is starting to feel like an achievement!) I am reminded of a very strange night a few years ago where I first experienced the joys of Hypnosis, and more importantly - Past Life Regression (PLR).

We had been to a friend's house for a mini party / soiree / p!ss-up and I had a problem playing on my mind. Nothing earth-shattering, but one of those moral dilemmas that had been bugging me for some time. I mentioned the vague details to those present, and none of them were really in a position to advise me... and then came the offer that was to change my life - How did I feel about being Hypnotised and taken back to a Past Life? The theory being that any repressed memories / experiences uncovered during the trance might serve to guide me towards the right answer I was seeking in the present day. Now over the years I had worked with Stage Hypnotists as a Stage Techie, and I had a very keen interest in magic, but I had never had the opportunity to "Go Under"... So I jumped at the chance.

Within minutes I felt a deep calm sensation through my whole body and mind, and following my PLR Guide's instructions, very soon I was "waking up" in a Victorian "Pub"... There is a lot more to the experience than this - let's just say that it was a very dark place that I had chosen to go to, and had I not been taken on my journey by a true professional and good friend I could have found it quite disturbing! However, I was able see, hear, smell and taste the surroundings and the atmosphere. It was, given the nature of the place I had arrived, quite fantastic, and so realistic. Before long I was being brought back on my return journey to the present day, and on waking discovered that deep within me I knew three things for certain -
1- I knew what the answer to my issue was... and had always known it in reality but was too scared to admit it to myself.
2- Hypnosis is real - it's not a parlour game, or a case of the hypnotist secretly offering stooges £50 to "play along" - and neither is it a desire to play along for the benefit of the ego, or some misheld belief that the hypnotist and or subject will look daft if nothing happens... this is really powerful stuff!
3- I had to know how to perform hypnosis, so that I could help others with their issues, and also to use those same powers for the slightly different purpose of presenting Comedy Stage Shows.

And that is how a evening with friends, and a moral dilemma, made me start studying the power of the mind.

(As for the moral dilemma... well... PLR definately gave me the correct answers - as I was to discover a year or so later when I decided to try my luck ignoring the message from my vist to Victorian Times and ended up hurting several people inadvertantly!)

In my next post I will look at the various theories behind PLR, and how it really works...

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