Monday, 15 November 2010

Past Life Regression - an opinion...

Recently I explained how an experience of PLR (Past Life Regression) helped answer a difficult question and, possibly more importantly, took me on my first steps towards becoming a Comedy Stage Hypnotist.

Since then I have been particularly interested in PLR on a personal level, although since that first session, I haven't had the opportunity to take part in another session. However, it would be very interesting to see if a second regression would take me to the same place and time, or if I was to end up somewhere completely different, and as a different person.

Now I'm no scientist; Chemistry and Physics at school were both very difficult subjects for me, so getting into the theory of the memory of atoms etc would be far beyond my knowledge base... but I understand from all those years ago that atoms are essentially undestructable in the natural world. (No doubt someone will correct me if I am wrong on this point!). So when a person dies and the body decays, those atoms must go somewhere. Perhaps into the soil or air, to be absorbed into another living being in the future. In which case, it seems perfectly reasonable that some of the atoms in your body once were in the body of someone else - perhaps even someone famous such as Queen Victoria, Nelson or Jack the Ripper... it's quite a disgusting thought really! So could it be that those who have memories of a past life could be recalling the experiences of some atoms in their body?

Another possibility is that we are not actually recalling a true past event of a real person, but instead that under hypnosis, the subconcious mind is doing as is suggested... to go back to a time before the subject is born, and with nothing to refer to, the brain relies on an imaginary scenario, partially based on historical films & books etc, but uses the opportunity to allow the subject to experience a setting that is close to their current state of mind. This could mean that those who are troubled by something in the present day would imagine a darker, more terrifying event, and those who are happy and content might see a happier, brighter place or time. In this case, memories of a past life would also depend on an individual's own personality. This might explain why in my PLR session I found myself in, what I can only assume was, a dark, seedy and quite threatening bar in Dickensian London!

Other options that might explain the effectiveness of PLR Sessions could be:
-That the soul, or Life-force, of a person truely does exist after the physical body decays, and in some primeval way the subject can pick up on this energy.
-Memories of a past life are embedded in the DNA of a human being. Quite an interesting theory, and quite plausable in some cases.
-Past Life Regression does not exist at all, and any thoughts or recalled memories are simply put there by the hypnotist in a very manner and by using some extremely leading questions to illicit a response. Or in some cases the subject feels the need to please the hypnotist / therapist / audience / themselves, and so will conjure up a completely ficticious personalty and location. This could be quite true in a small number of cases, depending on the skills and integrity of the person leading the session, and the personality of the subject. I can assure you though, from my own personal experience this was not the case, and others who were present in the room, some of whom were sceptical of PLR (and hypnosis as a whole), and others who too were trained in hypnosis, NLP etc, confirmed afterwards that there were not any such suggestions or leading questions... just the induction and regression followed by such questions as "where are you", and "what can you see, smell, taste etc...". Unfortunately not all people are as scrupulous and it is very important that if you are considering PLR that you choose the right person to take you back in time.

There seem to be countless books available on the subject. Recently I picked up a copy of "Reincarnation" by Paul Rowland from my local discount bookshop. Although it currently sits in my office waiting in a large pile of other books to be read, I have had a brief flick through and read a few excerpts. Full of case studies from around the World, it seems to be quite a comprehensive book for it's size (approx 200 pages), although I was put off it slightly by the author's lack of research and validating quoted figures - on the very first page of the introduction he writes:

"It is estimated that as many as fifty million people (sixty percent of the world's population believe in reincarnation (source: Dr. J. Chiappalone, author of Keys to Reality) and though the vast majority are of Eastern origin and do so because it is a central part of their religion. an increasing number of Westerners are beginning to accept this idea."

Really? Sixty Percent of the world's population is fifty million people? That means that the total number of people living on planet earth is approximately 83 Million. According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Census Bureau the total population of the World, projected to 11/15/10 at 19:23 UTC (EST+5) is 6,881,743,366 - a staggering difference of over 6.7 Billion!

Perhaps though there has been a sudden increase in the population since these figures were calculated? A quick Google Search led me to Wikipedia's World Population page where it is estimated that the last time the world's inhabitants totalled 83 Million was sometime between 1000BC and 500BC! Now I realise that the author has only quoted another souce, but surely he, or the publisher's proofreaders should have realised that the figures given must have been an error.

That aside, the rest of the book looks well researched, and nicely presented with plenty of photos, diagrams and information. If you are interested in purchasing the book, it is currently available from Amazon although I am not sure I would be as happy paying the full price of the book (currently £8.99).

Another book that has been recently recommended to me is Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss subtitled "The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient and the Past-life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives" Dr Weiss seems to be quite a prolific author in this field, and all the reviews I have read so far are very complementary. The only reason I have not purchased this book yet is that I was lucky enough to get an Amazon Kindle recently, and am hoping that the publishers will be releasing an ebook version soon.

When I finally read both of the above books, I will let you know my true thoughts here.

Until next time!

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